About Us


Hoton Express Inc. is an e-commerce company founded in the Philippines in 2018 by SOCIOKING, Inc. in partnership with Hoton Group Philippines, Inc. Hoton Express offers online shoppers an exceptional and hassle-free shopping in the region—whenever, wherever.

Hoton Express makes everything convenient for you by shopping in just a snap!


Living in a modernized world, Hoton Express aims to provide a progressive future where consumers shop through a digital medium and receive the purchase straightaway. The organization aspires to serve you digital shopping experience beyond borders.


Our vision is to become South-East Asia’s fastest growing e-commerce platform that will make everyday life more convenient by offering a vast selection of day-to-day needs of each consumer.


Innovation – We always think of new concepts and ways that would make the company more worthy of your trust. Our people are made up of talented individuals that shares ideas, skills and knowledge which is a big factor in achieving in our organizational goals.

Commitment – We are focused and committed in achieving company’s objectives and putting our treasured customers at the heart of the business.

EfficiencyWe value every second of getting the job done hence we always focus on solutions that could help the system improve in the same manner we promote effectiveness.

Service – Service is one of the reasons why customers decide to deal with a certain business. That is why our organization aims to meet and even exceed our consumers’ expectations.


As we constantly upgrade traditional trade into digital convenience—simpler, faster and more cost-efficient, the organization strives to enhance your shopping experience to maximum digital potential. Hoton Express is eager to provide you with constantly updated product lines and stable system optimizations.