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  • How to purchase a product/item?

    1. Choose your desired item and place it to your cart.

    2. On the upper right, click View Cart.

    3. Finalize your chosen product(s)/item(s) and proceed to Settle Up.

    4. For purchase accuracy, kindly fill up the Billing and Shipping details.

    5. Click Set Order to continue.

  • How to pay my purchased item/product?

    1. After selecting a desired product(s) and filling up the Billing Shipping details, you may now select a mode of payment.

    2. After setting your order(s) and selecting your mode of payment, Hoton Express will let you see a review about the total amount of how much to be paid and will get directly to your payment gateway choices.

    3. After choosing a payment gateway, you have to settle up the transaction information.

    4. Finally, when everything has been settled and verified, we will automatically send you an invoice e-mail regarding your order details and transaction.


  • Need extra assistance?

    1. If you need an extra support and assistance, please reach us out to the following details

    •  [ (02)234-5206 / (02)551-7371 ]
      [ [email protected]  ]