FEATURING Hoton™ TERMS AND CONDITIONS HOW IT WORKS OVERVIEW Introducing The Hoton Loyalty Card Positive Living Socioking Inc. It is our greatest pleasure to welcome you to Hoton's Membership Program. As a member, we will shower you the best rewards and privileges that acknowledge you as a loyal customer of Hoton. At Hoton, we value your happiness! Hoton is a one-stop kitchenware store that offers reliable kitchenware products ranging from tools, utensils, and kitchen care to appliances and other kitchen essentials, big or small. We take confidence in providing you with only the best kitchenware shopping experience which is why we now offer Hoton Loyalty Cards. The Hoton Loyalty Card Story If a member manages to purchase products worth P149,999 to P249,998 they will be promoted to a Gold Hoton Membership where they will enjoy a 35% discount and 8% rebate. Every member starts with a Basic Membership and depending on the amount of their purchase within a year, their Basic membership could escalate to either Silver, Gold, or Platinum where each level holds a different rebate! Enjoy the 20% discount! A purchase of P9,999 to P149,998 within a year from date of membership sign up qualifies the member for a Silver Hoton Membership that guarantees a 30% discount and 5% rebate! OVERWIEW The Cards on the Table A thrilling 10% rebate and 35% discount on all products are what waits for a Loyalty Cardholder if their purchase from Hoton amounts to P249,999 and above! For only a P500 joining fee per year, you will get a new Hoton Loyalty Card. Every shopper who holds a Hoton Loyalty Card is entitled to a 20% discount for every purchase of products from all Hoton retail stores nationwide and Hoton Express, our online store! E-wallet and C-wallet Featuring, one of the very most important of the membership. The c-wallet helps the member to earn more by referring a friend. Each referral grants the user 100 pesos. and the user can withdraw the c-wallet balance. HOW IT WORKS howitworks
Platinum Basic Silver Gold Have some loyalty, be part of the growing family! C-WALLET E-WALLET All Hoton Loyalty Cardmembers are also granted an e-Wallet where all their rebates are stored and which they can use for their shopping at Hoton. Of course, as we value your convenience, if you sign up for a Loyalty Card, you can also withdraw a minimum amount of P10,000 from your e-Wallet that you can also use for your transactions in our stores! Avail Now (Beta) AVAIL NOW (Beta)