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Zen Eye Massager
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Zen Eye Massager

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Functions and Features

  •  Acupoints Shiatsu Massage: Massages acupoints around temples with human-hand-like comfort and precision to increase blood circulation
  •  Vibration: Exercises muscles around the eyes to soothe exhausted eyes.
  •  Heat Therapy: 42°C soothing hot compress to effectively relax tired muscles
  •  Airbag Kneading: Gently applies pressure with multiple airbags around the eyes with palm-like comfort to provide relaxation
  •  Precision: 180 degrees portable with a special design that captures the accurate eye position
  •  Music: A relaxing music that helps to relieve stress and it will also help you to sleep well.
  •  Rechargeable: Wireless and rechargeable within 3 to 5 hours, can use 7 times in a day and easy to carry everywhere.
  •  Sanitary: Soft and clean fabric to make you feel comfortable.


  •  Helps prevent eye problems that are caused by exhausted eyes
  •  Decreases formation of wrinkles
  •  Relieves the stress around the eyes
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