Terms and Conditions

1. All HOTON Loyalty Card Members (“HOTON Members”) in the Philippines agree to fully comply with the Terms and Conditions under ‘HOTON Loyalty Card’.

2. HOTON Loyalty Card is only applicable for use at HOTON Retail Stores in the Philippines and also to all purchases made from www.hotonexpress.com for products to be delivered in the Philippines only.

3. To become a HOTON Member, the applicant must pay Php500 for the first year and that HOTON Member must renew and pay Php500 every year thereafter in order to continue enjoying all our benefits.

4. All HOTON membership starts from BASIC membership (“BASIC Member”). If the HOTON Member’s purchases within a year from date of sign up and every year thereafter reaches the following amounts OR have the following Direct Referrals of HOTON Members per year, then that member will qualify for different rebates with different rankings being attributed to their HOTON Membership;

a) SILVER HOTON Membership (“SILVER Member”) with 5% rebate (VAT exclusive) – Php9,999 to Php149,998 (SILVER purchase volume) OR Five (5) Direct Referrals of HOTON Members per year

b) GOLD HOTON Membership (“GOLD Member”) with 8% rebate (VAT exclusive) – Php149,999 to Php249,998 (GOLD purchase volume) OR Fifteen (15) Direct Referrals of HOTON Members per year;
c) PLATINUM HOTON Membership (“PLATINUM Member”) with 10% rebate (VAT exclusive) – Php249,999 and above (PLATINUM purchase volume).

5. All HOTON Members shall enjoy the following discounts (VAT exclusive) when they purchase products from our HOTON Retail Stores in the Philippines and also for all purchases made from www.hotonexpress.com for products to be delivered in the Philippines only;

a) BASIC Member – 20% discount (VAT exclusive);
b) SILVER Member – 30% discount (VAT exclusive);
c) GOLD Member – 35% discount (VAT exclusive);
d) PLATINUM Member – 35% discount (VAT exclusive).

6. All rebates shall be paid into the HOTON Member’s e-Wallet and that member can either use it to purchase new products at any of our HOTON Retail Stores or via www.hotonexpress.com. HOTON Members may also withdraw from their e-Wallet with a minimum withdrawal of Php10,000 together with a transaction fee and HOTON Management also reserves the right to change the minimum amount and transaction fee from time to time.

7. GOLD Members will earn 0.5% overriding on all his Direct Referrals’ Purchases and PLATINUM Members will earn 1.5% overriding on all his Direct Referrals Purchases.

8. The HOTON Member’s ranking and rebate benefits will remain for the 2nd year but they must achieve their allocated purchase volume OR number of Direct Referrals within the 2nd year. If that HOTON Member does not achieve his allocated purchase volume for a particular year or have the required Direct Referrals for that year, his ranking will drop back one rank. Example PLATINUM Membership will drop to GOLD Membership, GOLD Membership will drop to SILVER Membership and SILVER Membership will drop to BASIC Membership.

9. Any HOTON Member can refer another new HOTON Member and earn Php100 referral fee. This amount will be credited into the HOTON Member’s C-Wallet. This referral fee can only be earned one time only, so if the person whom you referred were to renew in subsequent years, you do not earn anymore referral fee. HOTON Members can withdraw from their C-Wallet via their membership backend office online by providing details of their bank accounts and their request will be processed within a few days subject to banking charges.

10. All HOTON Members will be given a One month grace period to pay the annual renewal fee. The subsequent year will start from the date they first joined and not from the date they renew.

11. If the HOTON Member does not renew his membership within the One month grace period, his account will be FROZEN which means that the member can see his account balance but cannot use or withdraw the e-Wallet or C-Wallet balance or enjoy any rebate benefit.

12. If the HOTON Member does not renew his HOTON Membership after the One month’s grace period and then renew subsequently, he can continue to enjoy his e-Wallet balance and C-Wallet balance and maintain his ranking subject always to clause 8 hereinabove.

13. HOTON Management reserves the right to alter and amend the terms and conditions of HOTON Membership or terminate it at any time without prior notice.

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